Exam Preparation

It is expected that the academic and clinical experience in an accredited music therapy curriculum, or its equivalent, will be sufficient preparation for the examination. The Music Therapy Board Certification Examination has been based on a study of tasks required for current music therapy practice. The CBMT neither sponsors nor endorses review courses or study guides for the Music Therapy Board Certification Examination. Suggested preparation for the examination might include, but should not be limited to, the study of journal articles, textbooks or other publications reflecting current practice related to the CBMT Board Certification Domains. Examination scores are based on the number of questions correctly answered. You should carefully consider the possible answers to each question and select the best response. It is better to answer every item than to leave any blank.

Exam Content

The content of the exam reflects the practice of music therapy measured by the Practice Analysis Study and identified in the CBMT Board Certification Domains document. This document can be viewed by clicking the CBMT Board Certification Domains link in the right toolbar.

CBMT Self-Assessment Examination

The CBMT Self-Assessment Examination(SAE) is a web-based test and diagnostic tool to assist individuals in identifying areas of strength and weakness in music therapy knowledge as it relates to the CBMT Board Certification Domains.

The SAE features questions from all areas of the CBMT Board Certification Domains, written in the style and format of typical questions on the Music Therapy Board Certification Examination. Upon completion of the exam, you have the opportunity to print a complete scoring report, as well as the answer key with complete explanations for correct and incorrect responses.

After purchasing the SAE online, you will receive an email with complete directions for accessing the exam. The SAE, all reports, questions, explanations and scoring reports, will be available to you online for 90 days, and also emailed to you for printing and use indefinitely.

CBMT Self-Assessment Examination Bibliography

The CBMT Self-Assessment Examination Bibliography contains recommended readings that might be useful when preparing for the exam.

The Music Therapy Exam Secrets Study Guide and The Music Therapy Exam Secrets Flashcard Study System published by Mometrix Media LLC are not affiliated with the CBMT or the board certification exam. The CBMT does not sponsor or endorse the Music Therapy Exam Secrets publications.