CBMT is currently in the process of converting our database which is scheduled to go live on October 17, 2019. You may complete and submit your exam application and have your documentation sent to the CBMT office, but you will not receive confirmation of your submitted application until some time after October 17, 2019. You may also wait to complete an application in the new database system. Contact the CBMT office if you have questions.

A music therapist becomes board certified by successfully passing the Music Therapy Board Certification Examination and therefore earning the credential Music Therapist – Board Certified (MT-BC).

Once board certification has lapsed a music therapist must pass the board exam to become board certified again.

To apply eligible candidates must submit the following to the CBMT office:

1. Electronic Exam Application Form
2. Exam Fee may be paid after all documentation is received.
3. Required Documentation: See page 4 of the Exam Candidate Handbook

If ordering electronic official transcripts, have them sent directly to Karen Howat at KH@CBMT.org. Scanned and emailed copies of transcripts are not accepted.

When can I begin the application process?

Candidates may apply before completing their internship, however a candidate is eligible to schedule an exam only after successfully completing the internship and all Music Therapy degree requirements.

What happens next?

CBMT is currently updating its database system so established time frames may be longer than usual. You will receive confirmation of the receipt of your application after 14-21 days along with what is still needed to complete your application. After all items are received your exam application will be approved and your test record will be set up with our testing company PSI. When CBMT receives confirmation your test record is set up you will be emailed and mailed the instructions to arrange your exam appointment with PSI. The instructions will include your assigned Exam ID# to set up your PSI Log In and schedule your exam appointment; do not use your Social Security number to set up your PSI Log In. Be prepared to provide PSI with a date, location and time they would like to test.

Candidates that fail to schedule their exam appointment in the 90-day period forfeit their application and all fees paid to take the exam.

On the Day of your Exam

Information about reporting to the assessment center and the identification required for admittance is outlined on page 10 of the Exam Candidate Handbook.

If you are uncertain a test center may be open due to weather contact PSI/AMP’s Call Center at 913-895-4600. Additionally, PSI posts Alerts under the Candidates tab on their website.

After you finish the examination, report to the proctor to receive your score report. Your score report will indicate a “pass” or “fail”. Additional detail is provided in the form of raw scores by major content category. The content area scores on your score report are not used to determine pass-fail decision outcomes. They are only provided to offer a general indication regarding your performance in each content area. The examination is designed to provide a consistent and precise determination of your overall performance and is not designed to provide complete information regarding your performance in each content area. You should remember that content areas with a larger number of items (questions) will affect the overall score more than areas with a fewer number of items. The precision and consistency of scores diminishes with fewer items, therefore, the sub-scores should be interpreted with caution, especially those that correspond to content areas with very few items. See page 11 of the Exam Candidate Handbook for further information.

When You Pass the Exam

When you pass the Music Therapy Board Certification Examination, you are allowed to use the credential “Music Therapist-Board Certified” (MT-BC). The newly-credentialed music therapist receives a certificate from CBMT that indicates valid board certification for five years. The MT-BC credential subjects the certificant to the rules and regulations set forth by the CBMT Board of Directors in accordance with NCCA Program Accreditation Standards.

CBMT reserves the right to revoke the certification of any MT-BC found in violation of the standards set forth in the CBMT Code of Professional Practice or found practicing outside the parameters defined by the CBMT Board Certification Domains.

Following initial certification, the MT-BC will begin a five-year cycle in which he or she must demonstrate continuing competence by fulfilling recertification requirements as designated by CBMT.

Reapplying to Take the Exam

Submit to the CBMT office the bottom half of the score report you received after your exam or complete the Electronic Exam Application Form above. The reapplication fee of $275.00 can be paid through the Products and Services tab or payment can be mailed to the CBMT office in the form of a cashier’s check, personal check or money order payable to CBMT.

Examination Appeals Policy

It is the policy of CBMT to provide every candidate the opportunity to question the fairness of the test, its questions and its administration within 30 days of the exam date. Click here for the CBMT Eligibility Review and Appeal Policy.