What is an Approved Provider?

A CBMT Approved Provider (AP) is an organization that is approved by CBMT to issue Continuing Music Therapy Education (CMTE) credits to certificants for participation in continuing education courses. CBMT AP’s are an essential component of the recertification process. All MT-BCs choose the continuing education option to maintain their board certification by accruing at least 100 recertification credits per five-year cycle. Many of the credits they claim are awarded by CBMT AP’s.

How do I become an AP?

The first step in pursuing CBMT Approved Provider (AP) status is submission of the CBMT Approved Provider Two-Year Provisional Application. Upon approval of the application by CBMT, the AP enters two years of provisional Approved Provider status.

At the end of the two-year provisional cycle, the AP may apply for five year status. The AP is audited at this time. After successful completion of the audit and the CBMT Approved Five-Year Application, the AP is granted five-year status.

Continuation of five-year Approved Provider status is dependent on timely payment of all fees, submission of all required materials, successful participation in the audit when selected, and completion of the five-year application when due.

What do I do if I need help completing the application?

You may request a mentor from the CBMT Continuing Education Committee (CEC) to guide you through the process by contacting the CEC Coordinator at 1.800.765.2268, ext. 23, or at hburkett@cbmt.org.

How do I maintain my AP status?

The following items are to be submitted to the CBMT office for each CMTE course by the required deadlines:

Promotional Materials
Payment of Fees
CMTE Course Evaluation Summary Form
Participant Reporting Form

The following items are to be completed for each CMTE course and will be required for audit:

Course Description Form CMTE
CMTE Course Certificate
CMTE Course Evaluation summary Form
Resumes or vitae of presenters

What types of CMTE courses can be offered?

*General Courses
*Standardized Self-Study Courses
*Specialty CMTE Courses

Who are the current APs?

View current Approved Providers on the Approved Provider tab above.

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QUESTIONS? Contact Hindi Burkett at hburkett@cbmt.org or call 1.800.765.2268, x2

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Approved Provider Quick Reference Section

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