Simply put, advocates are people in the community who make their voices heard. As an advocate for music therapy, you are educating your legislators, state administration department heads, state regulatory agencies, and other key decision makers about music therapy and how it benefits the citizens they serve.

Advocacy, as specifically related to our certificants, involves education and information sharing about the profession that includes, but is not limited to, scope of practice for the profession, where music therapists work, and what the benefits are to clients and their families. Professional advocacy also includes protecting the right of MT-BCs to practice by monitoring the regulations and related legislation of other related professions to ensure that policy and language changes do not infringe on the music therapists right to practice.

There are many reasons to be an advocate for music therapy:

  • To increase access to services for clients
  • To increase access to funding sources for services
  • To make the music therapy profession and it’s members known and available as resources on related issues
  • For increased respect and recognition
  • To educate legislators about music therapy and issues affecting clients and practices
  • For increased employment opportunities and enhanced benefits
  • To have legislators and staff associate music therapy with other healthcare and education consumer groups

It takes time and perseverance to become a successful advocate. Advocacy requires a series of contacts to develop a relationship of respect. These contacts can include email, phone, face-to-face, or online communications designed to educate, explain, propose solutions, or ask for an action.


Interested in being an advocate for music therapy? Contact the chair of your state task force to learn how you can contribute and help advance the profession in your state.


Federal Issues

The American Music Therapy Association Government Relations staff and Committee work to represent the profession of music therapy in Washington DC. Click here to learn more about AMTA’s top federal advocacy priorities.

State Issues

CBMT works in collaboration with AMTA and State Task Forces on the State Recognition Operational Plan. Click here to learn more about what’s happening in your state.


Starting in 2011, dozens of music therapy bloggers and podcasters working with the American Music Therapy Association and Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) have successfully spread the word about music therapy advocacy and the State Recognition Operational Plan through multiple social media channels. Throughout the month of January, music therapy bloggers and podcasters share their thoughts, ideas, and questions about what it means to be a music therapy advocate, what the State Recognition Operational Plan entails, and how you can be involved.

In 2012, a total of 40 bloggers and podcasters participated in this project, publishing a total of 50 articles, 5 podcast episodes, and 3 advocacy videos.

In 2013, a total of 48 bloggers and podcasters participated in this project, publishing a total of 71 posts, including 7 podcast episodes, 5 advocacy music videos, and 2 infographics.

In 2014, we explored and honored the music therapy profession as a distinct profession, unique from other professions and professionals with which we work. Over 45 bloggers and podcasters participating, publishing a total of 72 posts on the subject.

The 2015 project theme was re: VISION and centered on how music therapists convert challenges to advocacy opportunities. re: VISION can have many meanings. In the case of state recognition efforts, it involves converting the challenges we face from increased opposition—a natural consequence of the increased visibility recognition efforts have generated—to opportunities for examining the profession in a new light. It is about how we Value and Imagine Success, despite challenges, and how we Invest in advocacy Opportunities Now.

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