The CBMT Recertification Program, initiated in 1988, is designed to provide certificants with guidelines to assist them in remaining competent with current practice and further enhancing their knowledge in the profession of music therapy. The recertification program contributes to the professional development of the MT-BC through a program of continuing education, professional development and professional service opportunities. All three recertification categories are reflective of the Practice Analysis Study and relevant to the knowledge, skills and abilities required of the MT-BC. Documentation guidelines in the three categories require applying learning outcomes to certificants’ practice and relating them to the CBMT Board Certification Domains. Integrating and applying new knowledge with current practice, developing enhanced skills in delivery of services to clients, and enhancing an MT-BC’s overall abilities are direct outcomes of the recertification program. To support CBMT’s commitment of ensuring the continuing competence of the certificant and protecting the public, certification must be renewed every five years with the accrual of 100 recertification credits.