Code of Professional Practice

Maintenance of board certification requires adherence to the CBMT Code of Professional Practice. Individuals who fail to meet these requirements may have their certification suspended or revoked. Should the consumer question the behavior of a practitioner, CBMT has specified disciplinary procedures for filing and reviewing complaints. These procedures are outlined in the Code of Professional Practice.

The CBMT Code of Professional Practice and the corresponding disciplinary procedures demonstrate CBMT’s commitment to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public.

The CBMT Code of Professional Practice was recently revised to primarily address issues related to disciplinary policies and procedures only. View a copy of the newly revised Code of Professional Practice on the side tab. Disciplinary procedures remain the same but items related to certification and recertification eligibility, missed deadlines, and examination appeals policies were removed and are contained in separate policy statements. Contact the CBMT Office for a copy of the Eligibility Review and Appeal Policy or the Examination Appeals Policy.